1st December, 2012

 The District Team 2011-12 is proud to announce that our District received
 3 awards at the recently concluded Rotary Zonal Institute in Hyderabad. 
 Whilst congratulating 2011-12 Presidents for this outstanding achievement, 
 the District team also thank most sincerely each and every Rotarian who 
 worked tirelessly by "Reaching within to embrace humanity" during the year.

1st June, 2012

My Dear friends in Rotary,

At the outset, Let Shirani and I thank you for being at the 22nd District assembly and for sharing your kind thoughts and best wishes with us during the day. I believe that the Rotary District 3220 is now ready to build a future on the strong Foundation that has been laid during this year. Given below is my speech delivered at the Assembly for the benefit of those of you who missed the event.


When I stood before you on the 5th of June last year and looked ahead at the Rotary year that was about to dawn upon us, I invited you to dream with me of a “ United District made of strong clubs driven by committed and knowledgeable Rotarians serving above self for the well being of mankind” . Exactly after 353 days we are in a position today to confidently claim that we do believe in the power of dreams. Remember “Dream” is the most powerful first “D” of the formula of 5 D’s. Dreams should be converted to Desires, pursued with Determination, backed by Dedication and finally be driven with required Discipline; the end result, “Dreams come true” my Dear friends.

I am among many, many people who strongly believe that the 2011/12 Presidents, District officials and all the Rotarians in District 3220 during this Rotary year did just that. You made dreams of many thousands of people who were in need come true. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and congratulate you for having truly “Reached within to embrace humanity” to leave our world may even a fraction better than when we took it over on the 1st July, 2011. As mother Theresa said “what you do for the others may only be a drop in the ocean, but without it the ocean will be one drop less”.

My Dear friends, through a series of initial meetings that culminated with the official visits to your clubs, we set ourselves to build a stronger future for our clubs and our District through our Strategic Plans during this Rotary year. In order to support and strengthen our clubs and positively responding to RI President’s call for a change, we introduced many meaningful changes to your District Administration.

The Club Cluster system, restructuring of the District team, allocating more dedicated officials to each club, well planned Official visits to clubs have paid rich dividends and have come here to stay. We also ensured that the District Committees especially the Rotary Foundation Committee met each month and collectively and transparently managed all the affairs related to TRF activities. I am personally delighted to inform you that the continuous assessment system introduced to evaluate clubs performance on a regular basis have brought the hard work of at least 45 clubs to our notice compared to less than half that were featured during past appraisals at the end of each year. The results that you will see this evening will stand testimony to the success of this system even though I strongly believe that any system that is judged by statistics, letters and numbers can never do justice to some of the praiseworthy humanitarian work that you have done in your communities with so much of passion and commitment. I urge you to have faith in these systems, increase your active and accurate participation because only you can make the end result even better by feeding the system with quality inputs. As they say my friends “you reap what you sow”.

During the first half of the year, you would recall that we worked closely with you and urged you to clean up your membership records. Having started the year with a membership of 1595 members on the 1st July, all our clubs have managed to shed excess baggage and have moved on to reach approx 1700 members as at now. With the chartering of the provisional Rotary Club of Ibbagamuwa, perhaps the first ever “E” club in Sri Lanka and several clubs reporting their new recruits before 30th June could easily raise this number to 1800 which will be an impressive growth of approximately 14%. Much work has been done to sponsor a Rotary Club in Maldives including obtaining the green light from the RI board of Directors. We hope to complete our first ever country extension within the next couple of months with the blessings of DGE Dharshan.

Through many a brain storming sessions and also supporting the call of RI President for ensuring continuity, we have facilitated to bring out today to you the “District Strategic Plan 2012-2015. I most sincerely thank DGE’s Dharshan, Imran and DGN Gowri for their unstinting support and cooperation extended to me to achieve this very important milestone. All our clubs will now have the opportunity to fearlessly and more accurately establish their Long range Goals.

In focusing to increase humanitarian service, almost all our clubs have managed to complete Service project mandatory’s in 6 specific areas of focus. We have been particularly strong in Water & Sanitation, disease prevention and treatment, basic education & literacy, economic and community development. It was heartening to see several Club Clusters joining together through Matching Grants to set the humanity in motion in these focus areas. Our young partners in service Interact and Rotaract made remarkable progress during the year. Interact doubled the number of active clubs in the District and Rotaract organized themselves to become a professional outfit whilst both completing many meaningful leadership and humanitarian projects. Congratulations DIR Dinuka and DRR Sudhakaran.

The Rotary Foundation has been one of the most important and integral part of our service projects each year. We have always been extremely active in most Foundation programs and this year has not been an exception. 32MG Grant projects, 11 DSG Projects, 2 outbound and 1 inbound GSE program, Peace and Ambassadorial Scholarships and many Clubs achieving EREY citations rounded up a complete Foundation program for the year. Somehow, we were not known as great givers to the Foundation. As at yesterday, with a Total Endowment Fund contribution of USD 6226, Polio Fund contribution of USD 13522, Restricted Giving of USD 101,717, and APF contributions totaling to USD 131,853 Hold your breath…. My Dear friends, you have truly reached within to embrace humanity” this year by contributing an all time record from District 3220 of USD 253,318 to the Rotary Foundation. With another 35 days to go and many restricted giving and APF pledges on its way plus with the support of so many of you who wanted give but never had the time to write a cheque would probably be now obliging, we will most certainly show the Rotary world what good givers we could be. I thank you all most sincerely for your generosity.

At the District Assembly last year, I told you that “enhancing public image and awareness of Rotary” is not all about publishing photos and articles in a newspaper. We understood that the greatest assets that Rotary has are its Brand image, clubs and members. Introducing and advocating measures to maintain uniformity, follow the established etiquette and decorum at our weekly meetings, projects and at all our public engagements was well communicated as means to build the Rotary brand to where it should be. It was important to have all our 1700 odd members actively participating in Rotary programs. Hence we introduced the Effective Rotarian Recognition program for clubs. My Dear friends, 26 clubs reported 427 Members as having completed the minimum requirement to duly qualify for this recognition. I believe that there would have been many more from the balance 33 clubs which did not report. If 427 members did such a huge difference in the lives of so many this year just imagine what the doubled that number or treble of that number is capable of doing. I urge every club to continue with this important program and not to rest until such time we achieve 100% compliance as that is why we are Rotarians. Let me also thank over 200 members plus many more of their family members and guests for having attended the 103rd RI Convention in Bangkok. I believe that this is the largest contingent of Rotarians that attended a RI Convention in recent years.

My Dear brothers and sisters, we have together set a new benchmark for Rotary this year. In my successor DGE Dharshan we have an experienced and a committed Rotarian. Having worked with him so closely over the year, I have come to understand the sheer determination and the commitment he has to elevate our Rotary District hither to unknown heights for greater benefit of the lesser privileged people in our country. Dharshan has even a greater thirst to position the Rotary brand to where it truly belongs. My Dear 2012/13 Presidents, District Officials, fellow Rotarians, I appeal to all of you to rally around him and strengthen his hands to make a significant difference and to bring true peace through service in the ensuing Rotary year.

Dear Friends, together with Shirani and the girls Oneli and Yenuli, I am truly indebted to all of you for having given this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful world of Rotary. Thank you for taking care of us, extending your love and affection to us and for being true friends to us in our times of need.

Without the support and encouragement of my District Secretary George, District Treasurer Haroon, Coordinators Sunil and General Susil, District Trainer PDG Krish, District Advisor PDG Suri, DGE Dharshan, College of Governors and very specially my DRFC PDG Thariq, Assistant Governors, District Officials, DIR Dinuka, DRR Sudhakaran, fellow Rotarians, numerous friends, my Boss PP Heinz Reuter and colleagues at office and most importantly the wonderful group of 2011/12 Presidents, this year may not have been the success that it has been. To each and every one of you I say thank you, thank you and thank you. This was the most rewarding experience of my whole life.

My Dear friends,

Every time when a small child is crying out loud because he or she is hungry
Every time when the sick are suffering because they cannot afford medical treatment
When young children helplessly looking at other school children because they have no means to go to school
When hundreds of children are dying from diseases that are preventable
When the able become disabled because they cannot afford a cataract surgery
All of them pray for a miracle, every morning, noon and night they pray for a miracle.

My dear brothers and sisters through Rotary, Let you and me be the miracle that all of them are all praying for!

Let us keep on “Reaching within to embrace humanity” thank you and May God Bless you.

Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

District Citation Awards 2011-12

District Section

1. For Successfully organizing District Events/ Seminars

PRE PETS - RC Colombo West
AGTS/DTTS - RC Colombo
PETS/SETS - RC Colombo East
District Assembly - RC Battaramulla
District Membership Seminar - RC Wariyapola and RC Athugalpura
District Foundation Seminar - RC Kandy
District Leadership Seminar - RC Kandy Metropolitan
District RYLA - RC Bandarawela

2. Most effective District Officials 2011/12

DIR - Int. Dinuka Sumitrarachchi
DRR - Rtr. Subramaniam Sudhakaran
DICC - PP Ananda de Silva
DRCC - Rtn. Yohan Kumarapperuma
Editor - GML - PP Nimal Wimalasuriya
Chairman – RYLA - PP Rajiv Renganathan
Chairman – New Generations - PP Dayani Panagoda
Chairman – Polio Plus - PP Kumar Sundaraj
Chairman – International Service - PP Dilu Rodrigo
Chairman – New Club Extension - PP Dr. Thilak Kendaragama
Chairman – GSE - PP Mohan Abeysinghe
Chairman - Distr. Directory - PP Hiran De Silva
Chairman – Scholarships - Rtn. Lasantha Abeywickrama
Chairman - RLI - DGNN Gowri Rajan
Chairman – Dist. Awards Committee - PDG Dr. V. Vijayakumaran
Chairman – Balloting Committee - PDG Mangala Gunawardena
Chairman – Dist. Rotary Center - PDG N. Pathmanathan
Chairman - Dist. Grants Committee - PDG Imthiaz Ismail
Chairman - Attendance - PP Donald Gaminithillake

Most Effective Assistant Governors

PP G.S. Sylvester - RC Colombo Mid Town
PP Mohamed Rezvan - RC Nugegoda
PP Janaki Anandasundaram - RC Colombo Mid City
PP S. Prabu - RC Colombo Reconnection
PP Chandana Munasinghe - RC Kandy Heritage
PP Kasun Attanayake - RC Panduwasnuwara
PP Ayesha Wijeyaratne _ RC Kandy
PP Joe Paiva - RC Kandy Metropolitan

Most Effective Group Coordinators

Rtn. Jerome Rajendran - RC Colombo West
PP Sriyani Ranatunga - RC Cinnamon Gardens
PP Numan Zarajudeen - RC Colombo Mid Town
Rtn. Shashi Selladurai - RC Kandy

3. Most Outstanding District Officials 2011/12

Dist. Conf. Chairman - PP Jayantha Samarakoon
Dist/ Advisor - PDG Suri Rajan
Dist/ Trainer - PDG Krish Rajendran
DRFC - PDG Thariq Thulba
Dist. Treasurer - PP Haroon Bin Ahmed
District Coordinators - PP Sunil Wekadapola and Rtn. Maj. Gen. Susil Chandrapala
Dist Secretary - PP George Jesuthasan

Club Section

1. Change Maker Award

49 Interact Clubs
32 Rotaract Clubs
RC Cinnamon Gardens
RC Colombo North
RC Colombo West
RC Hambantota
RC Negombo
RC Trincomalee
RC Wariyapola
RC Wattala

2. RI Presidential Citation

RC Capital City
RC Col. Fort
RC Ja-Ela Kandana
RC Kandy Metropolitan
RC Kuliyapitiya
RC Moratuwa

3. RI President Citation, District Citation Awards and Change Maker Award

RC Battaramulla
RC Col. East
RC Colombo Mid Town
RC Colombo Regency
RC Colombo South
RC Kandy
RC Kandy Heritage

4. Club Committee Awards

a. Membership Development
Top 3 Clubs in Membership Growth  %
1st - RC Colombo Central  41%
2nd - RC Battaramulla - 28%
3rd - RC Kalmunai and RC Kuliyapitiya - 25%
Membership Retention 100%   
RC Colombo
Colombo Central
RC Colombo Reconnections
RC Colombo South
RC Colombo Uptown
RC Kandy Heritage
RC Kandy Metropolitan
RC Kolonnawa
RC Kuliyapitiya
RC Trincomalee
RC Wariyapola

New Club Extension

RC Athugalpura - For extending RC Ibbagamuwa     

Best Chairman Membership    
PP Dr. Jayashantha Wanigasekara - RC Rangiri Dambulla    
b. Club Administration       
Best Club Admin Project  - Avurudu Ulela - RC Moratuwa
Best Project - Inter Club Relations -  TRR Rajan Cricket Carnival - RC Kandy  
Best District Fellowship Project =   Rotary Fiesta - RC Colombo Fort      
Best Inter-Club Hospitality Project -  Hosting of Distr, Conf. Delegates - RC Colombo          

Highest Attendance -  RC  Battaramulla (91%)

Highest percentage of registrations by a club

District assembly 2011 - RC Battarmulla (100%)
District Conference 2012 - RC Kandy Heritage, RC Battaramulla, RC Gampola (100%)
RI Convention, Bangkok - RC Athugalpura (16 Registrations)  
Best Organized Governor’s Official Visit -   RC Colombo Mid Town
Best Chairman– Club Admin - PP N. Saravanapavan -  RC Colombo South 
5. Service Projects – 5 Avenues of Service
Best Service Projects
Donation of medical equipment worth US $150,000 to Jaffna Hospital - RC Colombo South
Dehiattakandiya Community Development Project - RC Colombo East

Best Com. Chair – Service Projects - Rtn. Lasantha Wijeweera - RC Colombo East

Vocational Service
Best Vocational Service Project -  Career Guidance Seminar Series = RC  Athugalpura
Best Com. Chair – Vocational Service -
Rtn. Anura Wijeratne - RC Athugalpura                                                                                

Community Service

Best Community Service Project - Youth Exchange Program from the North and East - RC Kolonnawa
Best Committee Chairman – Community Service - PP Chandana Munasinghe - RC Kandy Heritage

New Generations

Best Project in New Generations - “Madura Kuyil” Rotary Idol - RC Trincomalee
Best Interact Project - Hope 2012 - Interact Club of Ananda College
Best Interact Club - Interact Club  of St. Josephs College      

Best Rotaract Projects:
Rotaract Shutterbug - Rotarct Club of Panadura
Pedal to Cure - Rotaract Club of Kandy

Best Rotaract Club - Rotaract Club of Kandy

Best Com. Chair. - New Generations  Service - Rtn. Sashikaladevi Selladurai - RC Kandy  
International Service 

Best International Service Project - Family Exchange Program with RC Bangalore Cantonment - RC Colombo Mid City 

Best Com. Chairman – International Service - PP K. Arabinthan - RC Colombo MId City

d.  Public Relations

Best Public Relations Projects:
Road Safety Awareness - RC Athugalpura

Rotary Postage Stamp - RC Negambo

Best Bulletin    - Print  -   Town Talk -   RC Colombo Mid Town                  
Best E Bulletin  - RC Nikaweratiya

Best Committee Chairman – Public Relations - Rtn. S.M. Sathiacama - RC Colombo South

6. Rotary Foundation 

GSE Team Leader to Osaka, Japan - PP Pubudu De Zoysa - RC Colombo
GSE Team Leader to UK - PP Ashroff Ali Jamaldeen - RC Colombo Mid Town

Top 5 Contributing Clubs to  Annual Programs Fund         

1st - RC Colombo East
2nd - RC Colombo West
3rd - RC Kandy
4th - RC Colombo
5th - RC Battaramulla

Top 5 Clubs Per Capita Giving to TRF 

1st - RC Colombo East
2nd - RC Battaramulla
3rd - RC Kandy Heritage
4th - RC Nugegoda
5th - RC Kuliyapitiya

Highest  Contributions to Rotary Foundation by an Individual                             
Pres. A.P Jayaraj - RC Colombo East

Best Rotary Foundation Projects

Dnation of Medical Equipment to the Cardiac Surgical Unit of LRH - RC Wattala
Donation of Medical Equipment to the Pediatric Ward of the Kandy General Hospital -
RC Kandy Metropolitan

Best Committee Chairman – TRF:      PDG N.R. Gajendran - RC Colombo East

Balanced Activities – Best 10 Clubs
RC Battaramulla
RC Colombo East
RC Colombo Fort
RC Colombo Mid Town
RC Colombo Regency
RC Colombo South
RC Kandy
RC Kandy Heritage
RC Kuliyapitiya
RC Moratuwa

Best Lead Club in 2011/12:  RC Colombo East

Best Club Cluster 2012/12: Cluster 12 – AG G.S. Sylvester (RC Colombo Mid Town)

Most Progressive Club Presidents of 2011/12  

Pres. Sanath Padmasiri = RC Kuliyapitiya
Pres. Dr. K. Sri Ranjan - RC Negombo

Most Courageous President 2011/12: Doulat Kundanmal - RC Colombo West

Most Effective Club Presidents - Small Clubs

Pres. A.P. Jayarajah - RC Colombo East 
Pres. Saman Gunawardena - REC Kandy Heritage
Pres. Gehan De Alwis - RC Colombo Reconnection
Pres. C.P. Tennakoon - RC Nikaweratiya
Pres. H. Thilakaratne - RC Moratuwa

Most Effective Club Presidents - Large Clubs

Pres. Leonard De Alwis - RC Kandy
Pres. V. Ramanah - RC Colombo South
Pres. Dr. E. Srinath - RC Negambo
Pres. Poorna Bandara - RC Colombo MId Town
Pres. A. Kirupakaran - RC Trincomalee

Best Treasurer – Small Club Category
WinnerPP Shan Shanmuganathan - RC Colombo East
Runner up: Rtn Sunil Wicramanayake - RC Kandy Metropolitan

Best Treasurer – Large Club Category
Winner: PP Harin Fernando - RC Colombo West
Runner up: Rtn U.Pushapa Kumara - RC Kuliyapitiya

Best Secretary - Small Club Category
Winner: Secy Peter Barbut - RC Colombo East
Runner Up: Secy Denesh Rason - RC Kandy Heritage

Best Secretary - Large Club Category
Winner: Secy P.Kuncithapathan - RC Colombo South
Runner up: Secy Ramzi Saif - RC Colombo Mid Town

Best President  Small  Club Category
Winner: Pres.  A.P Jayarajah  - RC Colombo East
Runner up: Pres. Saman Gunawardne - RC Kandy Heritage

Best President Large Club Category  
Winner: Pres. V. Ramanah  - RC Colombo South
Runner up:  Pres. Leonard De Alwis - RC Kandy      
 Best Club Small Club Category
Winner: RC  Colombo East
Runner Up: RC Kandy Heritage

Best Club Small Club Category
Winner: RC Colombo South

Runner Up: RC Kandy

Most Outstanding Rotarian of the Year
District Secretary: PP Goeroge Jesuthasan - RC Colombo South

10th May, 2012

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rotary,

Having planned for almost 10 months, I am so happy to inform you that over 200 Rotarians and family members attended the 103rd RI Convention in Bangkok and returned safely to the country last night. At the outset, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to each and every one who were there in person to experience the wonder of Rotary in its entirety at this much awaited annual get together. I also thank all my fellow brothers and sisters in Rotary who met me and greeted me and posed for photographs with me at the Convention Hall, House of Friendship, many Restaurants, Sky Train, MRT, Shopping Malls and at the Airport etc. I am confident that you will continue to hear the good stories and the wonderful exposure that the participants had with the internationality of Rotary with meaningful and informative programs during the 3 days of the Convention. If I am to quote a line that touched me most sincerely was by RI Presidents during his closing remarks as he said “When you were born the whole world rejoiced and you cried. You should live your life in such a way that when you are gone, you should rejoice and the whole world should cry”.

My Dear friends in Rotary, we are in the 11th month of our Rotary year and we still have a bit of unfinished business to take care of. To start with, let us make a genuine effort irrespective of Citation deadlines being over and all that to try and meet or improve our Foundation Giving targets and Membership targets. We are not doing so to win awards or to impress anyone but to leave the Rotary club of ours in a much stronger footing to face the challenges what the future have in store for us. All Rotarians still could perhaps try to achieve the Effective Rotarian goals by which your club could greatly benefit even at this stage.

26th May is around the corner and I am hoping to see you all at the District Assembly not only to welcome our next District leader as one united District but also either to be rewarded for outstanding performance or  to sincerely cheer our fellow Rotarian brothers and sisters who has truly “Reached within to embrace humanity”  during this year. I strongly believe that due to the efforts of these outstanding and committed Rotarians we were able to drive the District through many positive changes to higher standards and to lay a solid foundation to build upon in the coming years.

With the hope of meeting each and every one of you at the District Assembly on the 26th May, I remain.

Yours in Rotary
Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

1st April, 2012

My Dear friends in Rotary,

April is an auspicious month to all of us in Sri Lanka. Today also signals the beginning of the last quarter of our Rotary year.  The last quarter of a Rotary year is as important as the first quarter of the year.  It is In the last quarter that we aggressively work towards completing all the outstanding projects, reaching for targets yet unachieved and doing all what we can to ensure that we have certainly raised the standard of our clubs and have added value to our own Rotary membership. Last quarter is also the time when our new leaders and their teams actively prepare themselves for the new Rotary year ahead of them.  I believe that all our new Leaders in waiting are adequately motivated and prepared to elevate our District to new heights in the coming Rotary year. Always bear in mind that we Rotarians have to position the brand “Rotary” appropriately and adequately in order to be respected and regarded as the volunteer organization of choice for the beneficiaries and benefactors alike. Dear friends, this means more attention to detail in our doings and strict adherence to the agreed systems and processes which will bring about the uniformity in all our clubs across the country.

31st March brought to a close all Change Maker Award and RI Presidential Citation applications for the Rotary year 2011/12. It was heartening to see efforts of many clubs in the District who have worked tirelessly in keeping with our annual theme “Reach within to embrace humanity”. I thank all those wonderful Rotarians for rising above all odds to contribute effectively and reached out to those who were in need within our communities. We the Rotarians believe that whatever we do for the others, we do it out of the passion we have for humanity and without the slightest expectation of anything in return except enjoying the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of our labour, yielding the result we always wanted to see; “A wonderful world where all beings can live peacefully”.

In moving forward, please remember to revisit our Strategic Plans and have same reviewed at a Club Assembly. Knowing our long range goals and staying committed to achieving same would be the most professional approach to Club Administration and it is imperative that all clubs start believing in this process. Do not be afraid to give “Change” a chance. Unless if you try, you would never know the difference between what you are doing and what you should be doing.

Shirani joins me in wishing you, your family and the loved ones a “Happy Sinhala and a Tamil New Year” filled with peace, joy and prosperity.

Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

1st March, 2012

My Dear Friends in Rotary,

Can you believe that we have just entered the 9th and one of the most important months of our Rotary calendar? Well believe it or not, the month is upon us and we most definitely have to bring majority of our annual programs to a close during the month of March. Change Maker Award forms are due on the 15th March, RI Citation Forms are due on the 31st March and all your Project completion repots should be with us not later than 9th of April for final evaluations by the Citation and Awards Committee. You also have to make good your TRF pledges as that are a part of the RI and District Citations. It would be wise to settle the RI Dues for this half and pay up TRF contributions before end of this month in view of the ever increasing exchange rate. We started the year with Rs. 114 for the US Dollar, now we are at Rs. 118 and it looks like the rate will shot up over Rs. 125 in the month of April. All of you did start this Rotary year well and have kept up the momentum in all areas up to now. We need to finish off on a high and we need to make a true difference during this year to set up a good platform for our successors to build upon. Let us do the difficult things today as the impossible may take a bit longer.

DGE Dharshan has planned his PETS from the 14th to 16th March and he will also have his DTTS on the 1st April in the morning hours. Let us all wish DGE Dharshan and his team a successful PETS and a DTTS. Together with Rotary Club of Kandy Metropolitan, I have scheduled The District Leadership Seminar also on the 1st April after lunch at the same venue i.e. Excel World, Colombo. Please participate in numbers as we need active and committed Leaders of our District to acquire sufficient Rotary knowledge to face the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Let me also remind you that the time is now running out for us to register for the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok on special rates offered. The spot rates will make us pay much more and probably at even higher exchange rates that will prevail at that time. Please encourage your club mates to join in and enjoy this unique experience.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rotary, during our life time, many of us do not get a second chance in life to make that crucial contribution to make the world that we live in a better place for all. We all try to live as there is no tomorrow or in some cases as there is no today but only tomorrow. Either way, we fail to pay at least the minimum rent payable for the place that we occupy on this earth. Let us all get together and genuinely make that extra effort through Rotary to “Reach within to embrace humanity” today as tomorrow may be too late.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

23rd February, 2012

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rotary,

May the 107th Anniversary of Rotary International  motivate us and rejuvenate us to stay committed and live up to our theme “Service above self” in order to make the world we live in a better place for all of us.

Happy Birthday Rotarians!

Yours in Rotary Service

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

14th February, 2012

My Dear Brother and Sister in Rotary,

It was not a lapse on my part that I did not write to you as usual on the 1st of February. I purposely waited patiently until after the “21st District Conference” is done and dusted with to pen these lines.

When the Conference Committee met under the Chairmanship of PP Jayantha Samarakone in October, 2011 for the first time quite naturally there were many ideas, loads of ifs and buts, uncertainties on the opening days of both the Lotus Pond and the BMICH etc. Nevertheless, one particular fact was evident beyond any doubt; the determination on everyone’s face to deliver to you a memorable District Conference and a Fiesta. As we went on things started to take shape. Over 80% of the 848 registrants for the Conference sent in their forms before the first deadline of 31st December which gave us the required confidence to aim for excellence. We always wanted to do justice to the theme “Embrace Humanity” and feature speakers of our time who have contributed immensely to lift the standard of living in our country through their work, business and talents.  Firstly, to learn and to be motivated by their work and secondly to honour them for their valuable contribution to the country.  Judging by the positive reviews we are receiving from all quarters, we believe that we have achieved these targets as planned.

We must congratulate RC Colombo Fort for organizing one of the best Fiestas in recent times that drew 500 Rotarians and friends. I take this opportunity to thank each and every Rotarian who actively participated on both days of the Conference and helped us in numerous ways to make it the success it was.
To the wonderful Conference Committee and Chairman Jayantha, we are all deeply indebted to all of you for believing that we can bring out a memorable Conference and staying committed to deliver just that till the final minute of the event.  None of them sought recognition or the limelight instead decided to work tirelessly behind the scene through day and night to make the task at hand a success. Thank you, my dear friends.

Dear Presidents, Rotarians, since most of the important events such as Governor’s official visit, District Conference and Seminars are now behind us, the time has now come for us to concentrate on completing the home run as effectively and productively as we can. Almost all the clubs have shown tremendous progress in both Club Administration and Service Projects areas up to now but please note that you will always be remembered for how you would finish the year and not for how you started the year.
Please re-visit your annual plans, Foundation and service goals etc with your board to determine the distance to target and together unleash that power within you to take your club to an all time high. By doing so you would not only be shaping the future of your club but also will be making your own contribution to make this world a better place for all fellow beings.
Dear District officials, thank you for all the hard work that you have put in to make this Rotary year as effective as it is. Please run this last lap hard and fast with the determination of making a difference. Remember that your extra effort will help make our District strong to face a many a challenge that awaits us in the future.

Shirani and I once again thank you for your valuable support extended to us and wish you and your loved ones every success that you richly deserve.

Yours in Rotary
Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

1st January, 2012

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rotary,

First day of a brand new year is always a special one. All of us irrespective of whether we are rich or poor, weak or strong, this day bring to everyone a new ray of hope; hope of making the new year a better one than the last. Whilst hoping that the year 2011 and especially the Rotary family month was a happy and a meaningful one, Shirani and I wish each and every one of you and your loved ones that 2012 to be the most successful and prosperous year ever with peace and happiness throughout.
As Rotarians, on the 1st of January, we are reminded that our job is only half done. Judging by the Club reports we are receiving each month, we note that almost every club needs to accelerate now in order to complete their Annual Program in time for the District Assembly.  Dear Club presidents, Kindly evaluate your progress up to now with your Board members and Committee Chairs and set up an action plan to complete the Citation Goals / Foundation Goals etc within the next couple of months. Be determined to make a difference this year as the opportunity may not come your way again.

As I write this note almost 500 of you have registered for the District Conference which will be held on the 10th/11th February, 2012 at the Lotus Pond Theater and Ceylon Continental Hotel. We will be privileged to have the Rotary International President 2013/14 Ron Burton as our RI President’s Representative for this all important event. The Fiesta that will be organized by Colombo Fort club will be a unique experience and a great opportunity to unwind with your fellow Rotarians and friends. Please register at your earliest to avoid disappointment.

January is dedicated to “Rotary Awareness” and what better way to celebrate the theme other than by making our own members and the community aware of all the wonderful work we the Rotarians do through a series of structured programs to make this world a better place.  This is also the opportunity for all of us complete at least 5 simple tasks to justify our membership in Rotary and support our clubs to reach 100% “Effective Rotarian” status. We must remind ourselves that we are in Rotary because we believe in “serving above self” for the greater goodness of our fellow brethren.

My Dear friends in Rotary, I wish you a happy new year. I pray that I may bring no tear to any eye and when this new year in time shall end, let it be said, I have played the friend you needed me to be and I lived, loved and labored hard to make of it a happy year.

“Reach within to embrace humanity”

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rotary,

Seasons Greetings

Love from
Gehan, Shirani, Oneli and Yenuli

1st December, 2011

My Dear Rotarians,

December is the month dedicated to the “Rotary Family”. In many ways than one, Rotary is indeed a family to most of us. As a member of a Rotary club, a District or even as a member of our partner organizations in service such as Interact, Rotaract and Inner Wheel, we share a unique sense of friendship and fellowship that is not common. How can it be common? Rotary is always anything but common.

My Dear Brother and Sisters in Rotary let us celebrate this month in true Rotary spirit. Let us shed whatever differences of opinions we have had, break through all barriers that prevents us from marching forward as the soldiers dedicated to “Reach within to Embrace Humanity” and commit ourselves to do the small things we need to do today to make our world a better place.
Let us not forget that we are now almost at the end of the first half of our Rotary year. We have almost completed all of our official visits to your clubs. Now the Club Leaders and the members should launch themselves to complete each and every annual goal that you set out to achieve during this year. We all know that last minute projects do not do justice to the cause or the effort. Therefore, let us begin today. Please reach out to your District Officials, make them worthy partners of your journey. They are eagerly awaiting your call.

We are encouraged by the high percentage of Attendance, President’s Monthly and Project Reports that we are receiving each month. Our continuous assessment system is progressing well. We are expecting more project reports to roll in the next couple of months and your accurate and timely reports will help us to ensure that each and every Club and the Projects will be assessed in the fairest manner. Please support and protect the new District Administration system as eventually the said system will mete out justice to all.

Your Conference Committee is hard at work trying to make the 21st District Conference a memorable one. The opening ceremony will be held at the amazing new facility in Colombo “The Performing Arts Center” on the 10th February, 2012 and we will be moving to the Ceylon Continental Hotel on the 11th for the 2nd day sessions and the Fiesta organized by the Rotary Club of Colombo Fort. Expect to be treated to a Mexican flavor at the colourful Fiesta planned. Please register your members before 31st December the early bird deadline to avoid unnecessary expenses.

We must also rush in with our registrations for the Bangkok Convention. Please encourage your members to make use of this rare opportunity to savour the true Internationality of Rotary and to meet and greet over 30,000 fellow Rotarians from around the world at our own door step at a fraction of the cost that a Rotary Convention would normally cost.

My Dear Club Leaders please do not fail to guide and inspire all your members to become “Effective Rotarians” this Rotary year by simply completing 5 tasks that each Rotarian is expected to achieve in any case each year. “Effective Rotarians” will build good Clubs and good clubs will make the District strong. We need a strong District to withstand the challenges that lies ahead of us.

In conclusion, Shirani and the kids join me in wishing you and your loved ones the most joyous and a peaceful season and all the happiness it brings. Celebrate with your “Rotary Family” and help to bring smiles to many of those who are not as privileged as you are for life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that takes our breath away.

Warm Regards
Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

1st November, 2011

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rotary,

Four eventful months have passed by signaling the completion of one third of our Rotary year. This was a period in which you and I laid a solid foundation to launch and drive our annual program to success inspired by this year’s theme “reach within to embrace humanity”. The next four months will see all of you springing in to action achieving your annual goals one by one. As we discussed at our recent meetings and seminars, it is important to stay focused and manage our clubs, projects, systems and processes with utmost professionalism whilst also aligning them with our “Strategic Plan”. As Rotarians and Rotary Clubs, we must always commit ourselves to achieve both the RI President’s Citation and District Citation goals thereby supporting to create a significant impact in the identified focus areas in our own District and around the world.

In October, a further 16 officials visits to clubs were completed bringing the total no of visits to 43 in 4 months. Almost all the remaining clubs have invited me for the official visit during the month of November. I am confident that all of us would benefit immensely by having this mandatory event of the year completed early. Please implement all decisions that we mutually agreed during the said visits in order to realize our vision for 2011/12; “A united District driven by committed and knowledgeable Rotarians serving above self for the well being of mankind”.

Month of November is the “Foundation” month. We must actively engage in enhancing our knowledge in Foundation programs and especially the “Future Vision Plan” scheduled to roll out in 2013/14. District and Club leaders should encourage each and every Rotarian to support the Foundation goals of the clubs as our District has set ourselves the goal of achieving 100% EREY citations and RI Presidents citations. We must believe in ourselves and the proverb “If there is a will, there is a way”.

Dear Club Presidents and District Officials, kindly extend your support to make the new District Administration system a success by sending in your monthly reports on time. You must support and protect this system in order to ensure that all the grievances and concerns brought up by your selves are adequately addressed or rectified for good. It is your future that is in your hands.

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Rotary, we are approaching almost the end of the first half of our Rotary year. If you want to the be the leader who made a difference, if you want to be the “Effective Rotarian”  who is committed to serve above self; Now, is the time as tomorrow may be too late.

“Reach within to embrace humanity”

Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

1st October, 2011

My Dear friends in Rotary,

September was a hectic but yet a very productive month for Rotarians of our District. Firstly, as expected the South Asia Rotary Conference for Development and Cooperation was a resounding success. You may have already read all about this success story through the media where Rotary was able to dominate the headlines of all publications for many days. His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse during the inaugural address praised Rotary’s humanitarian service projects and used Rotary’s  4 way test to better explain the need of the hour for the region. RI President was full of praise for the organizing committee lead by Past RI Director K.R.Ravindran and PDG N.R. Gajendran  and all the members who worked tirelessly to make this historic event a memorable one. Let us hope and pray that the “Colombo Declaration” for regional cooperation will bear fruit in the near future.
The Foundation Seminar organized by RC Kandy was yet another success where over 200 Rotarians actively participated and deliberated all issues pertaining to TRF particularly the “Future Vision Plan”. Please motivate all your club members to actively take part in Foundation programs not only in giving but also in grants, scholarships and other programs that benefits the community at large.
We were able to complete 10 more official visits to clubs during the month. We are happy to note that all of them are well prepared both to achieve their annual goals and also stay on course to pursue the Strategic Plan goals.
Month of October is dedicated to Vocational Service which is one of the most important avenues of service to all of us Rotarians. Please celebrate this month with meaningful and useful projects whilst giving the pride of place to one of our most valued possessions the 4 way test.
As we step in to the second quarter of our Rotary year, it is now important to up the pace of our activities with a view to complete as many citation requirements/annual goals as possible and stay focused on the Strategic Plan. The Presidents Elect needs to get their teams together and look forward to the Pre-PETS seminar scheduled for 3rd December.  
My Dear Rotarians, if you have still not already completed the minimum requirements to achieve the “Effective Rotarian Recognition”, let us begin now because all Rotarians year after year must commit ourselves to “service above self” . If not why should we be Rotarians?
Let us be the change that we wish to see in this world.

Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor 2011/12

1st September, 2011

My dear fellow Rotarians,

As you are already aware, we are only three days away from creating history in our country when on the 4th of September, our District 3220 will be the host District for the first ever South Asia Conference on Development and Cooperation in Colombo. His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse will inaugurate this Conference on the invitation of RI President Kalyan Banarjee.
Senior Ministers, Business and Rotary Leaders of South Asian Countries will be in attendance at this timely initiative of Rotary International to provide platform for discussion, deliberation on close cooperation in areas of economic, health, education and culture among the countries of South Asia towards seeking to establish a declaration that could be further pursued with the respective Governments. It is indeed an honour for our country and to our District in particular for being able to host such an event and we should be grateful to PRID K.R.Ravindran, Chairman of the Organizing Committee PDG N.R. Gajendran and all the other PDG’s and Rotarians who worked tirelessly towards ensuring it’s success.

I was able complete 9 more official visits to clubs during the month of August whilst few wee postponed due to various reasons communicated by the clubs. As in the case of July, it is heartening to note the enthusiasm and also the involvement of a higher percentage of the membership at club projects and activities already at these early days of the Rotary year. I thank all Rotarians for answering my call positively to reach within and become an “Effective Rotarian” during this year.

Month of September is the New Generations month. Both Rotaract and Interact District leaders and their teams have started off the year on a high note and they have displayed a high level of professionalism in preparing their Annual Plans. However, in many cases, we notice a breakdown in communication between the Rotary clubs and their young partners in service. Dear Presidents, Interact and Rotaract are our own partners and next generation of leaders. Please reach out to them this month renew your relationships, engage in a service project together, show them that you care and you will always be there.

At the end of this month, we will reach the end of our first quarter. It will be a good time to review our performance. Were we within our target time lines? Did we achieve planned goals? Did we send our reports on due dates? Did we invite our District officials to support and guide us in our programs? Did the District officials reach out to clubs? If you answer “yes” to all these questions emphatically, then we are on the road to success my friends. If we answer “no” then we need to remind ourselves that this would perhaps be our last opportunity to make a difference this year. We need to raise our profile, we need to make the time we spend on Rotary worthwhile and meaningful and otherwise why else should we be Rotarians? Let us do the difficult things today as the impossible may take a bit longer.

Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor – 2011/12

31st August, 2011

Happy EID-Mubarak to all of you
A Wonderful One..!!
To Help Make Your Eid
Friendship And Fun
Light Hearted Moments Of
Bright, Happy Things
Warm,Happy Hours And
That This Eid Day Brings- 

May the choicest blessings of almighty be with you and your loved ones now and always.
- Gehan & Shirani

1st August, 2011

My dear Presidents, District Officials and fellow Rotarians,

It seems like my clock is running faster than the rest. Days are just passing by ever so quickly; here we are already at the end of the first month of the brand new Rotary year.  As our World Leader said at the beginning of the month, we turned a new page in our Rotary book on the 1st of July and what story we will write there will entirely depend on how we decide to write each chapter each month. Well for me, the first few pages of my book is already written with the experiences that you were kind enough to share with me during the month of July. My team and I attended 22 installation ceremonies and 13 Governor’s Official visits during the month covering mainly Colombo and up country. You also invited me to participate in some extremely touching humanitarian projects. I also had the privilege of being at several Rotaract and interact functions as well. As you can see, my story is beginning to take shape and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I am also greatly encouraged to see that our Cluster Club system is already working well. Many Lead Clubs have taken the initiative to organize Joint Matching Grant Projects, Inter City meetings and Family Exchanges between the clubs of each group. The Intercity meeting that was held in Dambulla on the 31st July was a tremendous success, Let us activate ourselves now; a spirited and a committed start sets the tone to achieve greater goals during the year. Please invite all District officials assigned to your clubs to work with you.

Month of August is dedicated to membership Development in Rotary. This is an area where all of our clubs/us have to work on with due diligence. Needless to say that all of us needs more hands to sustain the responsibilities that we have taken upon ourselves and to ensure continuity in everything we do. Let us all make an extra effort to invite a worthy member of our society to join hands with us and thereby reciprocate the kindness of the Rotarian who invited you and me to this wonderful organization. A knowledgeable Rotarian is always is a good Rotarian; please share rotary knowledge with your membership, encourage every member to participate in your service projects. There is no better teacher than experience in life. Let us do at least that bare minimum to justify our Rotary membership.

I urge all 11/12 President and the District officials to embark on completing your annual programs today itself. Let us do the difficult things today as the impossible may take a bit longer.
We will be visiting some of your neck of the woods during this month and we are eagerly looking forward to having productive meetings and experiencing exciting projects with you. 

Wishing you another meaningful Rotary month in which we will “reach within to embrace humanity”.

Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor

01st July, 2011
My Dear 11/12 Presidents, District Officials and fellow Rotarians,
The moment of truth has dawned upon us. The day that all of us have been preparing for is here. At the very outset, let me share with you what RI President Kalyan Banerjee says to us today.
My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rotary,
 The first of July is here, and as we turn over that page of our calendars, we will turn over as well a new page in the history of Rotary. It is a page that will be written by us all: by the world’s Rotarians, by the 2011-2012 leadership team, by you and by me.
That page is still blank, its lines yet to be inscribed. A year from now, what story will be told there? Will it be a story of opportunities lost? Or will it be a tale of successes, of hope, of possibilities realized, of victories gained? Will those lines tell of families that are stronger, futures that are brighter, and a Rotary that is more vibrant than ever?
Will there be a line, written large and joyously, that reads: Polio is no more?
The first of July will be the first of our 365 days in Rotary office. So many challenges await us: challenges of distrust, of poverty, of inequality. We are ready to take on those challenges, to set to work with faith, friendship, and determination. We are ready to Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.
The time is now; our future is here; there is not a moment to be lost. Let us begin to write this new page together—with courage, with vision, with confidence, and with love.
Best regards,
Kalyan Banerjee
2011-12 President, Rotary International
What more can I add?  My Dear friends, as we are setting out to dedicate yet another precious year of our lives to serve those who are in need, let us resolve to be the miracle that they are praying for everyday.  Let us remember the words of Mother Theresa: ‘What we are doing may only be a drop in the ocean but without that drop the ocean will be one drop less.
Let us all together “Reach within to embrace humanity”
Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor 2011-12
RI District 3220

13th June, 2011

My Dear Friends in Rotary,

Please allow me to convey my most sincere thanks to all of you for turning up in huge numbers for two important District events during consecutive weekends to support and launch our Rotary year on a high note. District Assembly recorded 700 plus registration and the District Membership Development Seminar held yesterday in Kurunegala had 172 registrations. Feedback received from our fellow Rotarians as both events were most encouraging. I thank Rotary Club of Battaramulla, my home club for organizing the District Assembly in a highly professional manner and Rotary Clubs of Wariyapola and Athugalpura for doing a wonderful job in organizing the membership Seminar. All Assistant Governors Elect, District Chairs Elect, District Rotary Coordinators, District Secretary Elect did work very hard to make these events a success.
By now most of you may have received your copy of the District Directory. We printed only 700 copies out of which 650 copies were on sale. Over 450 copies have been sold since the District Assembly and please purchase you copy immediately to avoid disappointment. We must extend a big thank you to PP Hiran de Silva of RC Capital City, The District Chairman – District Directory for taking great pains in completing this very tedious task with much dedication and in a timely manner.

My Dear Presidents Elect, District officials Elect, we are just two weeks away from commencing our journey at the helm of our clubs, directorates and the District. Let us add the final touches to the plans we built over months and may be even years in order to “Reach within to embrace humanity”. Let us prepare ourselves to make a difference in the lives of those who are in need. Let us prepare ourselves to “serve above self”.

Good Luck and Best Regards
Gehan Siribaddana

13th April, 2011

My Dear Presidents Elect,

At the outset Shirani joins me in wishing all of you, your loved ones and the fellow Rotarians of your club a Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year and all the peace and joy that comes with it.

It was wonderful to meet almost all of you in person at the PETS/SETS which was successfully concluded last weekend at the Pegasus Reef Hotel, Wattala. Judging by the feedback I received from you and the other District Officials, it is evident that we are heading the right way and that we are almost ready to lead our clubs and our district to greater heights in 2011/12. I thank you and your Secretaries Elect for your active and enthusiastic participation during the entire seminar.

It was also heartening to note that the new group system had already started to work in a positive manner establishing new friendships amongst Rotarians from all parts of the country. Please keep supporting this initiative by actively planning to achieve the group goals set out in the District Citation.

May I take this opportunity to remind all of you that the priority areas that needs your immediate attention are

- District Directory information

- District Assembly Registrations

- Strategic Plan for 3 – 5 years

- Installation/GOV dates

Please complete these matters without any further delay.

As we agreed at the PETS, if we are to make a true difference, we should be the change that we wish to see. Let us lead by example.

I will be failing in my duties if I do not place on record our sincere gratitude to President Chrishnatha Herath, Rtn Peter, Rtn Sampath and other members of the RC Colombo East, District Trainer Elect Krish, District Advisor Elect Suri, District Secretary Elect George, District Rotary Coordinators PP Sunil and Rtn Gen. Susil, alll AGEs, District Officials Elect and Past District Governors who helped in numerous ways to make the 2011/12 PETS a success.

Once again, let us wish you all a “Suba Aluth Avuruddak”.

Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor 2011/12

3rd April, 2011

My Dear Presidents Elect,

Instead of writing to you as usual on the 1st day of the month, I purposely waited until the completion of the world cup cricket finals to post this note as I always thought irrespective of the result of this game; we would have plenty of lessons to learn from it.

True enough that the result was not what all of us wanted so desperately but in true spirit of the game we must all accept that the team who played better on that day and in fact who planned and prepared themselves better won.

This goes on to prove that the planning and preparation for the important tasks that we have ahead of us are absolutely important and it is always necessary to even have a plan “B” or a “C” to overcome challenges that may spring up so suddenly and unexpectedly.

As Rotary Leaders, we have even a greater responsibility in our hands as we are dealing with the business of mankind. In many instances than not those whom we serve may not get a second chance in life hence we must stay focused and engage in humanitarian service in a meaningful manner.

Since you have both the RI President’s Citation and District Citation requirements at hand now, the focus areas that would guide the rotary year 2011/12 are clear to all of us. The time is now right to complete your Annual goals together with your Club Committee Chairs. Please call on your Asst. Governor Elect for guidance and assistance to complete the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs.

We have now entered the last quarter of this rotary year which is the most important period of our rotary leadership that would pave the way for a success and an effective rotary year in 2011/12. Let us meet on the 9th and 10th of April at the PETS/SETS where we will learn even more about rotary and also would meet up with our batch mates in fellowship and friendship.

My Dear Presidents Elect, there are thousands of our fellow brethren out there awaiting our kindness and understanding to change their sorrow in to happiness, their tears in to smiles and their pain in to relief. Are we ready to be the ray of hope that they were praying for?

With warm regards

Gehan Siribaddana

District Governor Elect

1st March, 2011

My Dear Presidents Elect,

We are only four months away from assuming office as the leaders of our clubs and it is amazing to note how fast the time has passed by since July, 2010. All of you should be ready now with your 11/12 team and believe that you have also completed your registrations for the PETS/SETS scheduled for 9th/10th of April, 2011 with your Secretary. A committee chaired by President Chrishantha Herath and his members from RC Colombo East are busy adding finishing touches to this all important event of your calendar. If you have not registered for the PETS still, kindly do so with immediate effect in order to avoid extra payments and inconvenience to the organizers.

This is the time that you need to have more regular communication with your AGEs and other District Officials Elect. The entire list of District Officials is appearing on a separate tab on this site. Feel free to draw from their experience to plan your activities/year.

If you have not fixed a date for your installation and the Governor’s official visit yet, kindly contact me at your earliest to fix a suitable date. Having said that, let me inform you that it is not mandatory to have my presence for your installation ceremony and if you wish to have this event on any day with a Chief Guest of your choice (Past and Future RI Officers etc), please proceed with an email intimation to me. We are also encouraging Multi Club Installation ceremonies; please discuss the possibilities with your respective AGEs.

In conclusion, let me remind you that your participation at the PETS is mandatory hence register your self and your Secretary for same today.

Wishing you much success with your preparations and see you all at our PETS where we will learn, interact, enjoy and prepare our selves to “Reach within to Embrace harmony”.

Warm Regards
Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect

1st Februuary, 2011

My Dear Presidents Elect,

Month of January just whisked passed and what a month it turned out to be? Shirani
and I left for USA on the 6th January and we joined a Governor Elect Home Hospitality Program in Rochester, Upstate New York. RI District 7120 invites approx. 25 – 30 DGEs from around the world prior to them attending the International Assembly each year with a view to foster friendships amongst the incoming District Leaders of Rotary. This was a memorable experience even though we had to fight sub zero temperatures and occasional snow storms during the week.

We arrived in San Diego on the 15th January and from there onwards it was serious training for 5 consecutive days. International Assembly, the sheer size of the event and the precision with which it was organized cannot be explained in a few lines here. It was indeed an exhilarating and an once in a life time experience. I sincerely hope that all of you would motivate yourselves to be rotary leaders one day to share this experience.

Back to our District and we successfully conducted the AGTS/DTTS at the Galadari Hotel on the 29th January with over 70% of the District Team leaders participating. This event was organized by Rotary Club of Colombo and we are grateful to President Seneka Amerasinghe and Org. Committee Chair Pubudu De Zoysa and her team for a job well done.

I hope as much as we are at the District level, you are also getting ready with your team and plans for the rotary year 2011/12. RI President Elect Kalyan Banerjee has now unveiled a timely and a most appropriate theme in “Reach within to embrace humanity” to inspire and motivate the Rotarians around the world to serve beyond themselves. I sincerely hope that we can together lead our clubs during next year to be just that for greater benefit of mankind. A copy of the 2011/12 RI Citation goals will be given to you by your Assistant Governors within the week and you should use same as the structure on which the annual plans and goals will be built.

Rotary Club of Colombo East and your Assistant Governors are in touch with you to assist you and your Secretary to register for the PETS?SETS scheduled for 9/10th April at Pegasus Reef Hotel, Wattala. Please note that your participation at PETS is a mandatory requirement. Please do not miss this great opportunity to gain access to valuable knowledge, friendships and fellowships that in turn will help you to make your rotary year a success.

“Building Bridges” – District Conference is just a few days away. Let us all meet there and renew our commitment and dedication to “Serve above self” in true rotary spirit.

Wishing you and your members a successful month dedicated in Rotary for “World Understand”.

Yours in Rotary
Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect

1st January, 2011

My Dear Presidents Elect,

At the outset, Shirani joins me in wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful new year filled with peace, good health, happiness and prosperity. I also wish to thank all the Presidents Elect, Assistant Governors Elect and District Officials Elect participated and helped in numerous ways to make the Pre PETS held on the 18th December, 2010 the success it was. I will be failing in my duty if I do not place on record my sincere appreciation to President Pradeep Amirthanayagam and to the dynamic Organizing Committee from Rotary Club of Colombo West for such meticulous planning and implementation.

Dear friends, I will be leaving for San Diego in a couple of days for my International Assembly where the all important theme and the Citation requirements for our year will be unveiled by the incoming RI leader Kalyan Banarjee. As soon as I am back, we will meet the Assistant Governors Elect and the District Team Leaders at the AGTS/DTTS scheduled for the 29th January at 2pm. Through these District Leaders, we will communicate the focus areas of our year to you within the month of February, 2011. Please cooperate with all District leaders and make the maximum use of their expertise to get your planning right. As they say, “If you are failing to plan then most definitely you are planning to fail”.

I hope that you will now activate your Committee Structure and spend some time with them to acquire rotary knowledge required to make effective plans for your club. Please do not hesitate to call on your Assistant Governors Elect for assistance.

I wish you and your members a successful “Rotary Awareness Month”.

Yours in Rotary
Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect

24th December, 2010

May the Joy & Peace of the season be with you all and may the 2011 bring happiness and prosperity to you and to your loved ones!

Warm Regards
Gehan, Shirani and Kids  

1st December, 2010,

My Dear President's Elect,
Here we are in the all important month of December. I am excited and looking forward to our first official meeting "The Pre PETS" scheduled for the 18th December, 2010 at the Excel World, Colombo 10 commencing at 8am. RC Colombo West are working hard to make your first official event a grand success. Please complete your registration as soon as you can.

I assume that all of you have already finalized your board for 2011/12 by now. Please prepare yourself to present your team to the general membership of your club at the
Annual General Meeting scheduled for  this month. Please do not forget to request your incumbent President to report the information of you and your Secretary Elect to RI through Member Access/www.rotary.org on or before 31st December, 2010

If you have not booked a date for your installation and/or the Governor's Official visit, please do so as early as possible either through this Blog site or by directly contacting me.

My Dear PE's, the clock starts ticking from now onwards and I am confident that everyone of you are as enthusiastic as I am to prepare ourselves to meet the challenges ahead of us. I wish you every success in all your efforts to make this important month of December an effecting launching pad for a successful rotary year.

Yours in Rotary,
Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect

1st November 2010

My Dear President's Elect,

November is the Foundation month. As an incoming President, you have to be thorough with the Rotary Foundation’s programs as the Foundation is the life line of Rotary. Please make an extra effort to learn about popular TRF Programs such as:

1. Educational Programs (Ambassadorial Scholarships/GSE/ Peace & Conflict Resolution Studies etc)
2. Humanitarian Grants (Matching Grants, District Simplified Grants, and 3 H Grants etc)
3. Polio plus Program.

As you know, TRF is solely supported by Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and friends of the Foundation. Therefore, it is important to focus also on programs where we can collectively contribute to the Foundation as well. Annual Program Fund, Every Rotarian Every Year, Polio Fund, Permanent Fund and restricted giving are some of the programs that you are supposed to be familiar with as the leader of your club.

It would be good for you to discuss with your President and the Foundation Chair as to how they are approaching the completion of Foundation Goals this year. You could also request your Foundation Chair Elect to actively participate in these programs this year. There is no better teacher than experiences in life, hence please make the maximum use of the opportunities presented to you.

We are also just one month away from the Pre PETS Seminar and the Annual General Meeting of your club. This means that now you should be more or less ready with your shadow board and Committees. Please prepare early, you will never fail. Kindly visit this Blog site regularly to learn and also to share your ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism with us.

Wishing you a meaningful Foundation month and much success with your preparations.
Yours in Rotary,

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect
1st October, 2010

My Dear President's Elect,

We have just completed one quarter of the current Rotary year. The 2nd quarter is extremely important to you. As the President's Elect of your clubs, you need to identify your Board members for 2011/12 during this quarter, discuss the scope of work you have in mind for each of the Committees and to obtain their consent to serve in your team. You are required to announce your board at the Annual General Meeting of your club which needs to be held before 31st December, 2010. Please remember to maintain a good balance of experienced, young and even the new members when appointing members to your board. Be mindful of the fact that grooming future leaders is also a part of your responsibilities as the Club President.
May I once again remind you to keep the 18th December free as we will be organizing the Pre PETS seminar in Colombo. I am looking forward to your participation at this all important event.
I have listed a few thoughts for you to ponder under the heading "things to do" during the month of October. Please feel free to share your experience and best practices with your Batch Mates on this site.
I will be meeting more President Elects during this month as there are quite a few installations lined up commencing with Rotary Club of Cinnamon Gardens today.
Wishing you a very productive month both in your personal life and rotary affairs. I remain.
Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect

1st September, 2010

My Dear President’s Elect, 

We are now in to the 3rd month of the new Rotary year. Month of September is very important to us because we celebrate the rotary theme "New Generations" during this month. As you know, New Generations is the 5th and the latest avenue of service recognized by the Rotary International hence it is imperative to concentrate on planning and implementing meaningful projects that benefits youth of our country. This is also the ideal time to strengthen your ties with the Rotaract and Interact Clubs and engage in useful projects with them. Please discuss with your President and the Service Projects Chair as to how you can help and look at the possibility of ensuring continuity during your year.

At the end of the 1st quarter of the current Rotary year, you should also be focusing now on selecting the members of your board. It is important to obtain their consent and commitment before announcing your board at your Annual General Meeting in December, 2010. Kindly keep 18th of December, 2010 free as we will be having the Pre-PETS Seminar for you in Colombo commencing at 9am. More information will be sent to you in due course.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance with your planning activities.

Wishing you a very successful Rotary month.

Yours in Rotary,

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect 

1st August 2010
Dear Presidents Elect, District and Club Leaders,

It feels as if the 1st of July was just last weekend and here we are at the end of July already. Time certainly flies and there are only 11 months more for that all important day when you will take over as the leader of your own Rotary club. I had the privileged of traveling with District Governor Imthiaz's entourage for many Club President's installations both in Colombo and outstations during the month. I had to attend some installation ceremonies where District Governor couldn't attend due to other appointments. All in all, it was a rewarding experience more so because I got the opportunity to meet some of you in person and exchange ideas. I guess August is going to be as hectic and that I will be able to meet more of you at your Club installations.

Dear President's Elect, please be actively involved in all your club activities especially your Club's Governors Official Visit and the activities related to Membership Development during the month of August.
I hope you managed to visit the installation ceremonies of some of the other clubs and met your batch mates during the month of July. Please try to find some time to do so this month as well. It is amazing to note how much we can learn from the others during these events and what a lot of best practices are there to be picked up.

Please feel free to contribute your ideas to this site in order to make same a useful communication tool for all of us.

Kind Regards,

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect 

1st July 2010

Dear Presidents Elect, District and Club Leaders,

We as Rotarians and professionals should believe in planning our activities well in advance. As the famous saying goes “If you fail to plan, you are only planning to fail" and the adverse effects of none planning is all around us to see today. Therefore, this blog site is a sincere effort on my part to show you that I intend leading by example. Please feel free to be a regular visitor to this site and contribute your valuable ideas and suggestions to plan the future of our District. We will do our utmost to provide you with important information and timely reminders of all rotary activities that will help you to plan your next year. I kindly appeal to all the incumbent Club Presidents and the Assistant Governors to help us by providing the names and details of the President Elects (2011/12) at your earliest.
However, whilst preparing for the future, we need to play an active role in making the current rotary year a resounding success. DG Imthiaz and his team has prepared all of us well to embark on "Building Communities and Bridging Continents" during this rotary year. Dear friends, Let us start our "building" effort from our own clubs, the most important foundation block of the mighty Rotary International.

I wish all my fellow Rotarians a very successful and a meaningful rotary year. "Service above self", that's what we stand for.

Yours in Rotary

Gehan Siribaddana
District Governor Elect
Rotary International District 3220    Sri Lanka
Phone: 0094777310575
Email: gs7575@yahoo.co