DGs Diary 2011-12

December 2010                                  Rotary Family Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
18           Pre PETS                                               RC Colombo West                              Excel World

January 2011                                     Rotary Awareness Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
16-22     International Assembly                                                                                      San Diego California USA
29           AGTS/DTTS                                         RC Colombo                                        Hotel Galadari

February 2011                                   Rotary Family Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
11-12     20th District Conference                                                                                      BMICH /Hotel Galadari
18           Inner Wheel Distinct Conf                                                                                 Kandy
23           Rotary Anniversary
26           Interact District Conference                                                                              St. Josephs College, Col.10

March 2011                                        Literacy Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
02           Maha Sivarathri Day
8-14        World Rotaract Week
19           Poya Day

April 2011                                          Magazine Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
9-10        PETS and SETS                                   RC Colombo East                               Pegasus Reef Hotel, Wattala
13-14     Sinhala Tamil New Year
17           Poya Day
30           Rotaract PETS and SETS                                                                                  Kurunegala

May 2011                                           Planning Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
18-19     Poya Day
20           International Institute                                                                                        New Orleans, USA
21-25     RI Convention                                                                                                     Louisiana, USA

June 2011                                           Rotary Fellowship Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
05           District Assembly                 RC Battaramulla                                 Hotel Cinnamon Lake
12           District Membership Seminar            RCs Athugalpura and Wariyapola  Hotel Kandyan Reach, Kurunegala
14           Installation                                           RC Capital City
15           Poya Day
17           Installation                                           RC Colombo Reconnection              Waters Edge, Battaramulla
18           Installation                                           RC KandyMeropolitan                      Kandy
24           Installation                                           RC Colombo Mid City                                                      
25           Installation                                           RC Colombo South                            Hotel Galadari
25           Inner Wheel District Assembly                                                                          Galle Face Hotel
26           Rotaract District Assembly

July 2011                                            New Rotary Officials begin their year of service
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
01           Installation                                           RC Wariyapola                                    Wariyapola 3.00 p.m.                        
01           Installation                                           RC Nikaweratiya                                 Rotary Center N’weratiya 7 p.m.
02           Installation                                           RC Colombo East                               Hotel Galadari                    
02           Installation                                           RC Trincomalee                                  Trincomalee
03           GOV and Installation                         RC Kolonnawa                                    Kolonnawa
04           Installation                                           RC Colombo Metropolitan                              
06           GOV and Installation                         RC Colombo Mid Town
08           Installation                                           RC Colombo North            
09           Installation                                           RC Colombo       
12           Installation                                           RC Colombo Fort               
13           Installation                                           RC Battaramulla                                                 Hotel Cinnamon Lake
14           Poya day              
15           GOV and Installation                         RC Katugastota                                  Kandy
16           Installation                                           RC Kandy                                            Kandy
17           GOV and Installation                         RC Pamunugama
20           Installation                                           RC Colombo Central                          Hotel Hilton         
22           GOV and Installation                         RC Colombo Down Town
23           GOV and Installation                         RC Colombo Regency
24           Seminar on COL                                  RC Colombo South                            SLFI
24           GOV and Installation                         RC Polgahawela                                  Polgahawela
28           GOV and Installation                         RC Mount Lavinia
29           GOV and Installation                         RC Kandy Heritage                            Kandy
30           GOV and Installation                         RC Bandarawela                                Bandarawela Hotel,  
31           GOV and Installation                         RC Badulla                                           Badulla

August 2011                                       Memebership and Extension Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
05           GOV and Installation                         RC Jaela Kandana
06           GOV and Installation                         RC Athugalpura                                 Kurunegala          
07           GOV and Installation                         RC Panduwasnuwara                         Hettipola
08           Installation                                           RC Wattala                                          Wattala
13           PoyaDay
19           GOV and Installation                         RC Moratuwa
20           GOV and Installation                         RC Kegalle                                           Kegalle
21           GOV and Installation                         RC Colombo Millennium City

24           GOV                                                     RC Colombo West                              Cinnamon Grand
27           GOV and Installation                         RC Kurunegala                                    Kurunegala
31           Ramadan Festival Day

September 2011                                 New Generations Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
02           GOV and Installation                         RC Colombo Up Town                      Cinnamon Lake Hotel
09           Installation                                          RC Biyagama      
13            GOV and Installation                         RC Nugegoda             
17           District Foundation Seminar             RC Kandy                                            Kandy
18           TRR Rajan Cricket Tournament       RC Kandy                                            Kandy
19            GOV                                                    RC Colombo Regal
20               GOV                                                        RC Colombo South

21               GOV                                                        RC Colombo Central                          RCGC
22               GOV                                                       RC Colombo Reconnection
23            GOV                                                  RC Colombo Fort
24           GOV                                                  RC Kandy Metropolitan and RC Katugastota
25           GOV                                                  RC Matale
27            GOV and Installation                         RC Colombo Mid City 

October 2011                                     Vocational Service Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
01            Not available
02            Not available
05            TRF Meeting
08-12      Overseas
13           GOV                                                       RC Battaramulla 
14           GOV                                                       RC Kelaniya   
15           GOV                                                       RC Wariyapola   
16           GOV                                                       RC Nikaweratiya   
19           GOV                                                       RC Colombo Metropolitan
22           GOV                                                       RC Kalmunai and Batticaloa
23           GOV                                                       RC Dambulla and Kurunegala
26           GOV                                                       RC Galgamuwa
28           GOV and  Installation                         RC Cinnamon Gardens
29           GOV                                                      RC Jaffna
30           GOV                                                      RC Anuradhapura
31           GOV                                                      RC Wattala

November 2011                                 Rotary Foundation Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
02           GOV                                                       RC Colombo East
03           GOV                                                       RC Capital City
04           GOV                                                       RC Biyagama
05           Bowling Competition                          RC Colombo Down Town
06           GOV                                                       RC Dickoya and RC Nuwara Eliya
09           GOV                                                      RC Colombo                                              Hotel Taj,  10.00 a.m.
10           Poya Day
12            GOV                                                      RC Trincomalee 
18-20     RI Institute - Kolkatta
26          GOV                                                       RC Galle
27          GOV                                                       RC Hambantota

December 2011                                  Rotary Family Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
03           Pre PETS 2012-13
10           Poya Day
11           Distr. Leadership Training Seminar Colombo North                                    Wattala
25           Christmas Day                    
January 2012                                     Rotary Awareness Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
15-22     International Assembly                                                                                      California, USA

February 2012                                   World Understanding Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
03            GOV                                                  RC Negambo          
11-12     21st District Conference                                                                                      Colombo
25           AGTS / DTTS                      

March 2012                            Literacy Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
16-18     PETS and SETS 2012-13
24-25     Rotaract District Conf

April 2012                              Magazine Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                  Venue/Time
May 2012                               Planning Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
06-09     RI Convention                                                                                                     Bangkok, Thailand
27           District Assembly 2012-13

June 2012                               Rotary Fellowship Month
Date    Event                                       Club                                        Venue/Time
24           Membership Dev Seminar 2012-13